Yard Treatments

Pest Control for Fleas Begins in the Yard

Without taking caring of a flea infestation in the yard, you will never get rid of fleas in the house. Yard treatments are just as important as treating the interior of the house. That’s why pest control for fleas begins in the yard. We use a micro-encapsulated product.  This means that as fleas move throughout the yard the small capsules burst releasing insecticide.  Animals are allowed to re-enter the yard after treatment has dried.

Yard Service for Ants

NEW-TEC offers fire ant treatments with three different types of guarantees: 30 day guarantee, 90 day guarantee, and 1 year guarantee. The type of guarantee depends on the type of treatment. Call today for a free evaluation.

Yard Service for Mole Crickets

Do you have dry brown patches of loose grass in your yard? This is often caused by mole crickets. Mole crickets can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your grass. We guarantee our mole cricket treatment for 90 days. The treatment we use bonds with the roots. As the mole crickets chew on the roots, they will die.

Trapping for Moles

NEW-TEC offers mole trapping. In search of food, moles dig dirt tunnels in the ground killing the grass in the process.  We recommend a liquid treatment to kill off the insects the moles are feeding on and then trapping what moles have not moved on. Call today for a free evaluation.